Name: Ruth (Flora)    
Point: Second
Color: Yellow (orange)
Emblem: Sheaf   
Jewel: Yellow Topaz
Flower:The yellow jasminee - synbol of loveliness 
        meaning of �humbleness.�(sunflower)
Symbol: lily of the valley-symbol of Christ like spirit
Season: Summer abundance and growth Ruth
Regalia: Glove
Ideals: Loyalty
Virtue: Constancy   Humbelness  attachment
Degree: Widow Passing
Symbolizes: Constancy 
Represents: Widow
Name means: A Friend
Bible: Ruth Chapter 1-4
Beatiude: 3ed: Be unassuming, non-egotistical: 
          "Blessed are the meek: for they shall 
           inherit the earth."(Matthew 5:5)       
Badge: Golden sheaf within the triangle


kind Ruth loved aged Naomi, 
and would not leave her side
no matter where they traveled, 
with her she would abide.

Because of Ruth's unselfishness
While gleaning in the fields,
Boaz saw her bearty,
and provided bigger yields.

The lesson of this widow
And the Mother-in-law she loved,
Show how God honors Constancy
with blessings from above.
Gail Steeves Bragg 1996


Gentle gleaner in the field, 
Blest reward her toil doth yield ; 
Blest her works of heart and hand, 
Stranger in a stranger land ; 
Precepts deep of faith and truth, 
Learn we of the gleaner, Ruth. 
Lessons sweet of gentleness, 
Come to cheer us, come to bless. 
From the endless ages past. 
Fading not while time shall last. 

Here a little, there a little. 
Let us glean the golden grain. 
Fainting spirit to sustain. 

Gleaner in God's harvest field. 
Small the gain your toil doth yield. 
Judging from our human sight ; 
Yet in heaven's most glorious light, 
Great it may be, none can tell. 
If we learn our lessons well. 
Greater gifts He will impart 
To the longing, faithful heart ; 
Many sheaves of golden grain. 

©..... W. Edwin Harris Webmaster