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How do i know i'm young in the Star? Because of the time we spend in the car. We make the receptions and most of the schools. There's some who would say we're Eastern Star Fools! We start gettin' ready in mid-afternoon, But always come home by the light of the Moon! We go to the meetin' and stay 'til the last- There's hardly a session we're gonna pass We spruce ourselves up in our best bib and tucker, and often we kiss at the least little pucker - we march 'round, in circles and squares, and sometimes we get to our place at our chairs. It's run by the woman, the meetin' and all- The gal in the East - she's having a ball! She bangs on the gavel like life is at stake, While the guy at her side, he's hardly awake. I thought for a while we has having confession, Then the Matron declared, "this Chapter's in session" and that's when it happens - you would never guess. It's called INTRODUCTIONS -and BOY! WHAT A MESS!!! We bow and scrape, then we stand and applaud, There's hardly a body not hep to the cause. We're up and we're down, like the St. vitus dance. You'd think for sure we've got ants in our pants! They said when we joined we were sisters and brothers, Though sometimes we act like we'd never seen each other and night after night, regardless the fame, We stand up each time - it's always the same. We're hardly acquainted, I want you to know - 'fore some of these folks they up and did go. I thought for a while these folks was sick, but it didn't take long to learn they're just quick! We took a collection and then we had a Ballot and after each thing, she'd pound with that Mallot. They even had victims for exemplifications - and take it from me, they made every station. I'm watching my watch, while others are napping It's getting quite late, but she's still up there yapping. I really should go - on panic i border. Then all of a sudden, "The good of the order." Now if ever I've seen it, this must take the cake- Each guy up the ladder, a thank you must make. They thank every sister, They bless every friend You'd think for sure, the world was at end. But finally it's over, the meetin' is ended! We eat and we shake with the folks that we've friended; you know that I'm young, from the statements I make, but not for a MILLION, these friends would I take!!

This was published in the Aug 1998 issue of the "Official bulletin of the Grand Chapter of Texas Order of the Eastern Star"

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