Name: Martha (Thetis)
Point: Fourth
Color: Green symbolizes renewed life and growth
Emblem: Broken Column ( open sepulchre)
Jewel: Emerald  emerald insures all kind of domestic happiness
Flower: Fern symbol of the endlessness of eternal life or inmortality 
         - (pine Branch)
Symbol: Lamb symbol of innocenec & Humility
Season: Winter end of year, or lifetime, one must 
        rely on faith in eternal life -Martha
Regalia: Collar
Ideals: Fortitude & Abiding Faith
Virtue: Faith ( truth)
Degree: Sister (exalting)
Symbolizes: Hope & immortality
Represents: Sister 
Name means: instructed bny christ
Bible:  St Johns 2 Chapter 11 Verses 1-57
Beatiude: 2nd: Repent, be sorry for your bad deeds, and be willing 
          to change for the better. "Blessed are they that mourn: 
            for they shall be comforted."(Matthew 5:4)
Badge: Broken Column within the Triangle

            MARTHA TRIBUTE

martha loved her brother
and with despair she cried,
"oh Jesus, if you'd been here
Lazarus would not have died."

The Lord said, "only trust me,
He'll rise again, it's true."
And Martha holdintg to her faith
believed that Christ would do

all that he promisedwhen he said,
"I am the life,The way."
Anticipating all the joy
of resurrection day.

The lesson of a trustful faith
And of a Sisters love, 
Remind us all that someday
We will reign with Christ above.
Gail Steeves Bragg 1996


Gone from sight a brother dear, 
Hearts bereaved and full of fear ; 
Jesus knows, though far away, 
All your sorest needs to-day. 
He has counted all your grief, 
Wait, and He will bring relief. 
He will banish all your fears. 
Gently wipe away your tears. 
Lo, He comes ! and Martha's feet 
Quickly fly her Lord to meet. 
** Dearest friend ! Hadst Thou been here, 
Death had spared my brother dear." 
List ! Above all doubt and pain 
** He shall surely rise again." 
** I know, my Lord, in that great day 
When heaven and earth shall pass away, 
His bright, pure spirit then shall rise 
To join the angels in the skies. 
I would that Thou shouldst ask of God 
For strength to bear the chastening rod." 
O, wondrous depth of living faith, 
Unfaltering e'en in sight of death ! 
See ! beside the new made grave 
Jesus stands with power to save. 
Angels bending from the throne 
View with awe God*s only Son. 
Heavenly harps are hushed and still 
While He does His Father's will. 
Lo ! He weeps. O, Lord Divine ; 
Lo ! He pra3'^s with face ashine. 
List that voice : ** Come forth/' He said. 
From the grave appeared the dead. 
Sorrow now is turned to joy, 
Grief to balm without alloy ; 
Faith to sight was then restored, 
Martha's faith in Christ her Lord. 
Hark ! the angel voices sing, 
Loud the heavenly arches ring ; 
Harps attuned to holy praise, 
Louder still their anthems raise, 
Till, from heaven's blest, wave-beat shore 
Songs shall echo evermore. 
Weary ones, so sore distrest 
Wait on Christ for perfect rest. 
Lessons take from Martha's faith. 
Triumphing e'en over death. 
Lose the bands of doubt and strife. 
Then come forth to truest life. 
Sure, though columns fair be riven 
All will be complete´┐Ż in heaven. 

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