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Elected & Appointed Grand Officers


Nicholasville Chapter # 223

This page denotes the Elected & Appointed Grand Officers. Grand Chapter committee Members, Deputy Grand Matrons & Deputy Grand Patrons,Ambassadors of good will and Grand Representatives From our Chapter. Although some of these may have held the title while belonging to a different chapter they now belong to Nicholasville chapter and we are proud of what they have done for the order. Any information I do not have on this page please let me Know and I will include it.

ELECTED GRAND OFFICERS 1993-1994 Grand Secretary Deanna Krahulek 1994-1995 Grand Secretary Deanna Krahulec 1995-1996 Grand Secretary Deanna Krahulec 1996-1997 Grand Secretary Deanna Krahulec 1998-1999 Associate Grand Conductress Carolyn Stull 1999-2000 Grand Conductress Carolyn Stull 2000-2001 Associate Grand Matron Carolyn Stull 2001-2002 Worthy Grand Matron Carolyn Stull 2011-2012 Grand Sentinel Melvin Stull 2012-2013 Associate Grand Patron Melvin Stull 2013-2014 Worthy Grand Patron Melvin Stull

APPOINTED GRAND OFFICERS 1979-1980 Grand Adah Annabelle Courtney 1987-1988 Grand Adah Deanna Krahulek 1991-1992 Grand Electa Jean Powers 1996-1997 Grand Chaplin Carolyn Stull 2003-2004 Grand Ruth Elvena Cox 2004-2005 Grand Adah Betty Douglas 2015-2016 Grand Ruth Puzzles of Life Grand Family, Georgia. Jody Place 2017-2018 Grand Ruth Elaine Gayheart 2019-2020 Grand Adah Kim Gayheart 2020-2021 Grand Adah Kim Gayheart 2021-2022 Grand Esther Angela Stack 2021-2022 Grand Chaplin John Dettor

GRAND CHAPTER COMMITTEE MEMBERS 2018-2019 Kim Gayheart Credentials 2021-2022 Kim Gayheart Education 2021-2022 Melvin Jurisprudence 2021-2022 Elaine Gayheart Board of Directors of Rob Morris Memorial 2021-2022 Carolynb Stull Service Dogs

DEPUTY GRAND MATRONS ????-???? Elvena Cox 2003 to 2004 Betty Douglas 2007-2008 Myra Searcy 2009-2010 Elaine Gayheart 2010-2011 Jody Place District 18 in Georgia 2017-2018 Kim Gayheart 2019-2020 Elaine Gayheart 2020-2021 Elaine Gayheart

DEPUTY GRAND PATRONS 2017-2018 Ed Harris 2021-2022 Robert "Stan" Stack


GRAND REPRESENTATIVES ??/??/???? Elvena Cox Grand Representative to Missouri in Kentucky ??/??/???? Elvena Cox Grand Representative to New York in Kentucky 2004-2005 Jody Place Grand Representative to Idaho in Georgia 2006 to 2008 Betty Douglas grand Representative to Missouri 2014-2016 Elaine Gayheart Grand Representative to Vermont in Kentucky 2015-2017 Ed Harris Grand Representative to New Brunswick Canada in Kentucky 2018-2022 Sue Harris Grand Representative to Maryland in Kentucky


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