Name: Ester  name means �star.� (Hebe)
Point: Third
Color: White
Emblem: Crown & Septar inited
Jewel: Diamond
Flower: White lily symbolizes purity and peace.
Symbol: sun symbol of light
Regalia: Band
Ideals: Purity & Courage
Virtue: Loyalty ( Purity)
Degree: Wife (Raising)
Symbolizes: Light, purity & Joy
Represents: Wife
Name means: a Star
Bible: Ester Chapters 1-10
Beatiude: 7th: Be a peacemaker and be especially blessed!. 
         "Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be 
           called 'the children' of God."(Matthew 5:9) 
 Badge: Crown & Septar within the triangle


Queen Ester, Jewish damsel, 
Risked all she had to save
her people from extinction,
for she was very brave.

She sought the Kings attention
By entering his court,
Al though by doing so
she could have had her life cut short.

She demonstrated loyalty
and strength beyond great measure,
so that the King relented,
Even offering her his treasure.

The lessons of dear Ester,
And of her love so rare,
Exemplify true loyalty,
That was beyond compare.
Gail Steeves Bragg 1996

              QUEEN ESTHER. 

In her home stands the beautiful Queen 
'Mong hangings of purple and gold, 
With royalty stamped on the sheen 
Of the armor carved and old, 
With painting of costliest worth. 
In setting of gems most rare 
Showing scenes from Persia's vast realm, 
Was the bower of Esther the fair. 
As we gaze in her beautiful face, 
And into her eyes so sad ; 
Her features displaying her race, 
And a childhood merry and glad. 
Reclining on cushions, whose weave 
A glory and richness had wrought ; 
Is the fairest of daughters of Eve, 
Whom the King for her beauty had 
On his throne of ivory and gold, 
Surrounded by courtiers wise, 
Who, empyric plans did unfold. 
That the kingdom higher might rise, 
Sat the King whose scepter of might. 
Was wielded with tyrannous hand ; 
His edict had passed that her race 
Should perish throughout the land. 
In her love for kindred and home, 
Heroic with purpose so strong ; 
Full willing her life to atone. 
To avert the terrible wrong. 
Unbidden, the beautiful Queen, 
Advanced to the foot of the throne ; 
With robe and with crown fitly seen. 
Undaunted, a life work had dpuQ. 
Making known her request to the King, 
With a graceful wave of the hand, 
As her royal apparel she touched 
With a resolute manner and bland. 
The King on his throne of gold 
With the council gathered around, 
His edict reversed, we are told ; 
Queen Esther his favor had found. 
Of Persia's fair Queen may we learn 
Courageous to join heart and hand 
In love for our dear native home, 
And our preciously held household 
And with purpose of heart let us dare 
To brave indignation and scorn, 
In our brother's woes let us share, 
That life may be bright as the morn. 

©..... W. Edwin Harris Webmaster