Name: Electa  �honorable, Lady, and �called of God. (areme)
Point: fifth
Color: Red
Emblem: Cup - symbol of hospitality (clasped hands)
Jewel: Ruby
Flower: Red Rose - symbol of love
Symbol: Lion - symbol of courage
Season: Autumn harvest time ; full maturity of life of Electa
Regalia: Broach
Ideals: Zeal, Sacrifice & Hospitality
Virtue: Love
Degree: Mother (perfecting) {christian Martyr}
Symbolizes: Fervency
Represents: Mother (wives & Sisters)
Name means: Called of god
Bible: John 2 Chapter 1  Verses 1-13
Beatiude: 8th: Accept persecution. 
          "Blessed are they which are persecuted for 
          righteousness sake, for theirs is the 
            kingdom of heaven."(Matthew 5:10) 
Badge: Cup within the triangle 


Electa was a lady
Whose faith in Christ was true.
she offered hospitality,
And did all she could do.

to demonstrate the love of God
and his almighty power.
She stood with faith unwavering,
it was her finest hour.

Although our persecution
May come in different ways,
The lessonof abiding truth
should guide us through our days.
Gail Steeves Bragg 1996


In the days of ancient sages, 
In the years of martyr fires, 
When the monarch's rule was cruel. 
And the smoke of funeral pyres 
Sent a smoky gloom around ; 
Came a message from a preacher, 
Came the welcome gladdening sound : 
" One there cometh, no one worthy 
E'en to stoop t' unclasp His shoes, 
He shall be the great Deliverer, 
Who shall all our shackles loose." 
Many hopes new born did ring. 
Looking for the toming Saviour, 
Many hearts His praise did sing. 
After weary expectations, 
Came there One of lowly birth. 
Came to reign in humble station. 
Came to bless the poor of earth ; 
Darkened souls were brought to light 
Through the influence of His power, 
Sunshine came to cheer their night. 
From among the heathen nations, 
One bright soul shone as a star, 
She was called the elect lady 
For her deeds of kindness rare ; 
Led by Christ, her holy joy, 
Filled with love for Him she suffered 
Persecutions to destroy. 
Yet her Christian faith was mighty, 
For the Roman soldiers bore 
Holy cross, Christ's precious emblem. 
With command its power t' ignore ; 
Pressing it unto her breast, 
With the faith of saintly martyr. 
There she found deep peace and rest. 
We may not be called to suffer 
Persecution's cruel blow. 
But there's cause for being loyal. 
Truth has always wary foe 
Lurking near our daily path, 
Let endurance be the watchword, 
Soon shall reign the power of truth. 
Pure Electa, well beloved 
For the noble life she gave, 
Whose example we should follow 
Hoping thus some soul to save. 
Striving still to bear the cross ; 
For the crown shines in the gloaming 
And we count all else but dross. 


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