Point:  First
Color:  Blue The clear blue of the skies
Emblem:  Sword & Veil united
Jewel:  Turquoise ( blue Sapphire)
Flower: Violet - symbol of Modesty meekness and humility.
Symbol: Open bible - symbol of Direction
Season: Spring or youth of life Adah
Regalia: Apron
Ideals: Integrity
Virtue: Obedience
Degree: Daughter ( Initiatory)
Symbolizes: Fidelty
Represents: Daughter
Name means: Ornament - Honorable
Bible:  Judges chapter 11 verses 1=40
Beatiude: 6th - Be pure through faith: 
        "Blessed are the pure in heart: 
      for they shall see God."(Matthew 5:8) 
Badge: Sword & Veil within the Triangle


We may not all be Mothers,
We may not all be Wives,
We may not become Widows
as we move through our lives.

We may not be a sister,
to anyone on earth,
but women all are Daughters,
by virtue of their birth.

And so we honor Adah
Who valiantly obeyed,
submitting to her father
for holy vows he made.

Preserved within the scriptures,
so  that we may be sure,
The lessons of Fidelity
would evermore endure!

Gail Steeves Bragg 1995


On Mizpah's plains the torrid sun 
Poured forth its rays with burning power, 
Ten thousand warriors gathered there 
With sword and spear, that noontide hour. 
With armor bright their leader brave 
On prancing steed impatient waits, 
While hosts pour forth from country 'round, 
And from the cities' open gates. 
" To war ! to war ! " their leader called ; 
A warrior brave, warlike and bold ; 
** We'll slay by thousands," Jephthah cried. 
As proud he sat in robe of gold. 
The trumpet sounds, battalions form. 
A mighty shout goes up on high ; 
Their leader scans the surging crowd ; 
" Be brave ! " cried Jephthah, ** dare or 
die ! " 
Their leader bowed his mighty head, 
And clasped his hands across his breast ; 
He saw his need, rash vow he made : � 
If God would grant His people rest, 
A vanquished foe, to him renown ; 
(For he, though brave, was selfish still,) 
The first who from his door should come 
To welcome him, with free good will 
Should be the Lord's ; a sacrifice ; 
An offering, perchance of blood ! 
The vow was made with earnest heart, 
While mighty warriors round him stood. 
The trumpet sounds, the hosts go forth � 
Thousands are slain� the victory gained; 
The plaudits of the multitude 
Upon the head of Jephthah rained. 
He neared his home, his awful vow 
Returned to him with ten-fold power ; 
Oh God ! who heard the prayer he made, 
Forsake him not in this dark hour. 
Behold, his home is decked with flowers, 
And lovely maidens circle round 
With flashing robes and graceful steps, 
While sweetly forth the timbrels sound; 
And from among the merry throng. 
With bounding step and noble mien. 
Fair Adah, decked in richest robe, 
Foremost to welcome him is seen ! 
Then Jephthah bowed his weary head 
And smote upon his troubled breast ; 
" Alas ! alas ! the vow I made ! 
Farewell to honor, peace and rest ! " 
" My father, let your vow be paid. 
Nor think I shrink the doom to meet. 
Your pledge to God must be fulfilled ; 
My life I lay down at thy feet." � 
Then out among the mountains deep, 
Where Nature speaks with soothing 
She bode for many weary months, 
Till struggling soul grew strong and 
calm ; 
Then bravely met the saddest fate 
That could be met ; for father's hand 
Must deal the blow ; yet firm she stood, 
The heroine of Mizpah's land. 
No veil to cover saintly face 
Would she allow ; with her own hands 
She cast it off ; with gaze upturned 
She met her fate ; so break life's bands. 
A type of filial womanhood, 
Her name is sung from near and far, 
A daughter true of noble blood, 
Fair Adah of the Eastern Star. 

©..... W. Edwin Harris Webmaster